Fund Two


FI Real Estate Fund Two, LP, (“the Fund”) is a privately held fund focused on investing in commercial real estate. The Fund invests primarily in the Eastern U.S. within the medical office, retail and industrial verticals to name a few.

FIRE Fund Two is the second fund launched under the FIRE (Financially Independent Retired Early) Brand and is affiliated with FI Real Estate Capital Management, LLC, which acts as the property management arm of the FIRE Funds strategic offering.


The objective of Fund Two is to provide an opportunity for investors to receive an extraordinary dividend yield in comparison to other asset classes, such as equities, while also participating in the potential for longer-term asset appreciation and leverage related benefits. Fund Two seeks to

Preserve Investor Capital

Focus on capital return driven by assets with healthy cash flow characteristics

Drive appreciation through value
additive opportunities and practices

Maximize its debt/equity ratio,
ensuring “lazy capital” doesn’t
become a drag on returns

Strategy & Edge

Cash is King:

The Fund is focused on assets that generate higher than normal levels of cash flow, all other factors equal. Capital preservation is priority number one and strong cash flow supports that goal, enabling capital to be returned to shareholders while ensuring that assets remain solvent.

Margin of Safety:

The Fund seeks deals where appreciation can be “forced”. Examples include: raising below market rents, outlaying capital expenditure to attract and retain quality tenants, and leasing up vacant space, to name a few.

Size Matters:

Smaller sized deals, roughly in the $2-$10mn range, often prove to be too large for many individual investors, yet too small for professional money managers, thus creating an opportunity/inefficiency in the market.

Macro Risk Management:

Fund Two seeks to capitalize on larger and longer-term trends. While the Great Recession created strong cash returns for a time in residential, that risk/reward gap has been mostly arbitraged. More recently, the C-19 pandemic has highlighted the resiliency and importance of medical office and industrial space while casting a shadow of doubt over office.