The Brand

Behind The Brand

The FIRE Funds Brand draws its inspiration from the “Financially Independent, Retired Early” movement. The “FI” in FI Real Estate Fund One and Two and FI Real Estate Capital Management (the FIRE property management business) stands for “Financial Independence”.


My belief about life is that time is the most valuable thing in the world. The time we spend with friends and family, time spent in good health, time we use to enjoy our lives, help others, and more. We trade time, which is finite in nature, for money, throughout most of our lives, by working. In turn, people often use their money to buy time and experiences, whether it is a night out at a restaurant, a vacation, cleaners so they don’t have to clean their homes, etc. As a result of this view on life, I decided from an early age that if I was going to trade my time for money (i.e. work), I was going to do whatever paid the most for my time.


When I was 8-13 years old, I sold and delivered newspapers, growing my route from 35 to 72 customers. When 14-17, I cut 10 lawns and bussed tables at a restaurant. By 17 I was bar-backing and then bartending at 18, the earliest age I was legally allowed to. In college, I majored in finance and accounting, staying in school a fifth year to continue to pursue and pass the CFA program in order to obtain a Wall Street job. I never had an issue with physical work or desk work, my goal was solely to make as much money as I could at each age and stage of my life.

While learning about finance, I quickly realized that I could work hard or I could make my money work hard for me. I began positioning myself to generate passive income with the goal of being able to replace my income from labor, so that I could buy more time to do what I wanted. 


My research and experience led me to believe that investing in real estate was the best way to create wealth and generate passive income. After 9 years of working my Wall Street job and investing in real estate on the side, I reached a point where I was making far more money investing than working. That fact, along with the interest shown by others in what I was doing, asking me to help them generate passive income, is what gave me the confidence to leave the hedge fund world behind and launch my own business.


I thoroughly enjoy what I do and love working for myself. I have never taken well to authority and being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, where to do it, how to dress, etc. Entrepreneurship, and more specifically passive income generation through real estate investing, has given me my time and freedom back.


My goal is to help others achieve the same. Hence my slogan, “Make your money work for you”.